Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Better With Ben (How To Tame A Heartbreaker 3#) By Casey McMillin

Better With Ben By Casey McMillin (How To Tame A Heartbreaker #3)

E-Book Cost: $0.99

Rating: 5/5

I received an ARC from the author for my honest review.

I was really excited when I figured out this next book was going to be about Ben because after the second book I just wanted to know so much more about him. The story picks up really quick; it's one of my favorite things about this author she jumps right into the story and hooks you in so you don't have to wait a couple chapters to really get into it. 

So Ben is Molly's ex-army brother who just came back from war and decides to move in with her. We got a little hint from the last book that he may have an eye for Taylor (one of Hannah's friends from work at the coffee shop). Sensing this attraction Molly doesn't hesitate to play matchmaker between the two of them even though Ben has said countless times that he does not want a girlfriend right now because of the demands of his new job. 

Taylor on the other hand who is usually a strong and positive person goes through a pretty traumatic experience right off the bat putting her in more of a fragile state. Taylor still a little nervous from the event really just needs someone to be around her as she still gets scared by herself.

Taylor and Ben become close pretty quick but neither of them really know what to think of it as neither of them are really looking for a relationship. I loved the connection between the two of them it really felt like they entered into each others lives at the perfect time and were able to be what the other really needed. 

I don't want to give away anything but I will say that I really enjoyed this story it was a quick fun read that kept putting a smile on my face. We still get a peek into the lives of the previous characters from this story which I love!! I cant wait for the next one, this time we got a hint so we know there will be another one; maybe Cam, maybe Taylor's roommate?!! 

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