Monday, September 8, 2014

The Real Me By Casey McMillin

The Real Me (How To Tame A Heartbreaker #4)

E-Book Price: $2.99

Rating: 4/5

I received an ARC from the author for my honest review. 

I was so excited for the next installment of this series because I feel like I have been teased with Cam the whole time. Cam is the biggest thing in Nashville right now and I am happy we finally get to know him more than just the guy who gets all the girls and is the life of the party. 

I think when the story starts Cam is mid-almost breakdown from being famous. Cam who usually has no problem being in the limelight starts going places alone in disguise to meet people. Almost to prove to himself that people will still like him if he wasn't famous.  Cam finds himself in a bar he usually wouldn't hang out it when he catches a glimpse of the bartender, Jax. Seeing that she is already surrounded by every guy in the place he quickly turns his attention to an easier target but finds himself unable to get Jax out of his head. 

Jax is a bartender/student/preachers daughter who is determined that she will not date anyone she works with or meets at the bar. Which seems to work out pretty well for her until she finds herself giving into a certain customer named Cole (aka Cam in disguise).  Cam slowly brings her out of her shell piece by piece which would be fantastic if he wasn't telling her a huge lie about his identity. It's just when is the right time to tell someone that you have real feelings for that from the moment you met them you have been lying? 

Loved the concept of the story!! I just can't help but melt at the idea of someone finally wanting to put someone else's wants and needs over their own! I would recommend reading the other stories first just because you will understand the other characters in the story more if you do (and plus you don't want spoilers for them).

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