Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mind The Gap by Casey McMillin

Mind The Gap by Casey McMillin

E-Book Cost $2.99

Rating 4/5


I received a copy from the author for my honest review.

The third book in the series, Second String, gave hints that the next book would be Josh's story and this was just that. Josh and Brit didn't get along right from the start. He thought she was an elitist hippy while she thought he was annoying know it all.

Brit is art student who kinda does her own thing, dresses how she want and does what she wants without caring what people think. She is a long time friend of Rachels and quickly becoming close with Rachels group of friends.

Josh is always serious and is pretty smart which tends to come across as rude if you don't know him. Josh is part of Collins group of friends/ex-swim team member and is planning to move to LA with the rest of his friends.

Brit and Josh gives the opposites attract saying a whole new meaning. The chemistry between the characters is very passionate and entertaining. And I really liked how they developed a love hate relationship. I also liked how they both dove into new lives and took big chances for their future.

As usual in this series we get to see more of the previous books which I love I just thought this one had a little too much of the rest of the characters in the series. It took me away from the love story at hand. While I did love the Brit and Josh I just wanted a little bit more to fully be immersed into their story.

Overall this is a good series; its fast paced with loads of passion that take you into another world which lets face thats why we read these books!

Can't wait to see whats next!!

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