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Sometimes it Lasts (Sea Breeze #5) by Abbi Glines

Sometimes it Lasts (Sea Breeze #5) by Abbi Glines

E-Book Cost $1.99

Rating 4.5/5


So this book is just one of the reasons why Abbi Glines is one of my favorite authors. She has created this series where all the characters are friends so we get the love stories of each of the characters.

This installment is the second book for Cage and Eva but the fifth in the Sea Breeze series.

So the story picks up after a little time goes by from where the first one ended. Eva moves out to Sea Breeze with Cage where they continue their whirlwind romance.

Things are going great for the couple, Cage just accepted a scholarship in another state and Eva plans to transfer schools and follow him out there. Their plans are altered when Eva get bad news regarding her fathers help. Eva decides that she is going to move back in with her father while Cage goes off to college. To say that they are both unhappy with this arrangement is an understatement. Cage would give up everything to be there for her but she doesn't want him to skip out on his dreams and resent her one day.

Without giving anything away; the trust they thought they had with each other is completely shattered after a couple of unfortunate events. Cage and Eva are both riddled with their own insecurities making it difficult for them to do and say what they really want to.

You can expect a strong connection with a lot of chemistry, a disaster of some sort and of corse several steamy scenes as with any Abbi Glines book. She some how has this formula that hooks me in every time. It seems like the stories would seem the same but the author does a really good job of making the character very different people with very different personalities.

Can't wait for the sixth Sea Breeze installment, Misbehaving, set to be released December 17th. Misbehaving will focus on Jason; Jax's younger brother!! Loved him in Preston and Amanda's story so I am excited to see how his story plays out!!

Sea Breeze Order

1. Breathe (Sadie and Jax)
2. Because of Low (Marcus and Low)
3. While it Lasts (Cage and Eva)
4. Just for Now (Preston and Amanda)
5. Sometimes it Lasts (Cage and Eva)
6. Misbehaving (Jason and ?)

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