Sunday, July 28, 2013

Change of Heart Part Two by Scarlett Edwards

Change of Heart Part Two by Scarlett Edwards

E-Book Cost $3.99

Rating 4/5


The story picks up right where the first one ends. Penn and Min are figuring out how they are going to get to Rich before he gets hurt. They are able to figure out that Rich bought a plane ticket to NYC using his real name giving their enemies an easy way to find him.

Through a little scheming of their own they are able to find a way to NYC undetected in an attempt to find Rich. They first go to the most logical place they can think of; Rich and Min's fathers house.

This book is very similar to the first in that Rich is constantly trying to push Penn away in an attempt to keep her safe. As more information comes out Penn is realizing that her first instincts about people might be worth paying attention too.

Again Rich and Penn continue to have a strong connection that leads to some steamy scenes. We also learn a little bit more about Min. As Min's character progresses we learn more about the events in her life that lead her to where she is now.

Again it was a good story but I don't think I would put either part one or two on my favorite book lists.

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