Thursday, April 10, 2014

Twisted Perfection Series By Abbi Glines

Perfection Series By Abbi Glines
(part of the Rosemary Beach series)

Rating: 5/5

E-Book Price: $11.98

I have put off reading this series for a while now as it didn't have the best reviews I have seen of Abbi Glines books and I was scared one of my favorite authors was about to be ruined! Not the case! I loved this series, it is exactly what I expect of an Abbi Glines novel.  

Was there similarities between Rush and Woods? Of course. That being said there are many similarities between many new adult male characters; they are overprotective, overbearing, completely obsessed with their new love, etc. Did I think they were too similar to enjoy the series? Absolutely not. Heres the thing with Rush his problem with Blaire is more about him accepting the fact that he is going to be a one women kind of man. This is not the same dilemma Woods faces with Della; he has no problem settling down as long as it is on his own terms. Woods resigned himself to the fact that his father was going to control his life; he just wanted to have a little fun first before he had to marry the girl of his fathers choosing. When he sees Della at a gas station he thinks what a great way to have a little fun and blow off steam since she was just passing through town anyway. When their worlds collide again Woods can't help but question everything his father has set up for him. 

The question now is will Woods fight for what he wants and possibly lose everything he has always worked for or succumb to his fathers wishes?

We find in this story that Della and Woods both have a lot they need to work through individually before they can even think about getting into a real relationship. Della was such an interesting character; she has a past that I promise you wont see coming. 

And like usual we got to delve more into the characters we all miss from the Rosemary beach series! Abbi Glines writes her books in such a way that you can keep tabs on previous characters without losing the fantasy of the new story.

Ps. Some crazy stuff happens in this book relating to other characters! I ended up reading Grant's book before this and got really confused so I suggest reading this prior to Take A Chance (Grant and Harlow). 

Can't wait for her next book!! 

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